PhD Student Peian Li Received JSID's Outstanding Student Paper Award of 2021

PhD student, Peian LI’s paper entitled "Monolithic full‐color microdisplay using patterned quantum dot photoresist on dual‐wavelength LED epilayers", published in JSID, was selected as the Outstanding Student Paper Award of 2021. The supervisor is Prof. Kei May LAU.


Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are promising self-emissive devices for micro-displays used in wearable electronics, due to their high brightness and long working lifetime. A full-color LED micro-display is usually comprised of a blue LED array and green/red quantum dot (QD) color conversion layers on the corresponding LEDs. In this work, our research team develops dual-wavelength LEDs that emit blue and green light simultaneously by specially designing the emitting layers. Therefore, only red QD is needed in the fabrication of full-color LED micro-displays based on dual-wavelength LED arrays. This technology simplifies the fabrication process of expensive, unstable QD materials, thus lowering the cost of full-color LED micro-displays.

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Figure – LED pixels and the full-color micro-display.


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