Student Highlights


Nanjing University

Admitted in 2017-18

“I received my bachelor’s degree in Electronic Information Science and Technology at Nanjing University. It’s wonderful to become a PhD student of HKUST. HKUST is a young and top-ranked university in the world, whose engineering discipline enjoys a great reputation with both an excellent research environment and faculty members. Here you can meet and study with best students from all over the world. The Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) is an attractive fellowship that provides me with financial support, which allows me to concentrate on my research and become more confident in pursuing my PhD degree. Hong Kong is a prosperous metropolis which contains both Eastern and Western cultures. It’s very convenient to go overseas for internships, exchanges and conferences. Life here is very meaningful and precious.”

Tierui HE

Harbin Institute of Technology

Admitted in 2017-18

“As a PhD student in ECE in HKUST, I enjoy the rigorous academic atmosphere here. Studying in HKUST is busy and stressful but joyous! As a prestigious university in Asia, HKUST has fascinating campus scenery, excellent facilities and a great research environment. Under the supervision of academically eminent professors, students here can not only acquire the international frontiers of science and learn about state-of-art technology, but also conduct research to contribute to the ongoing development of techniques. With well-equipped amenities including the library and the swimming pool provided by the school, and a myriad of enchanting spots in Hong Kong, students can live a pleasant and colorful life with various activities such as hiking on the MacLehose Trail.”

Peiliang LI

University of Science and Technology of China

Admitted in 2016-17

“My current research interests include visual perception, localization for robots and autonomous driving. In HKUST Robotics Institute, my research ability and knowledge level have been greatly improved. Due to the great support from my supervisor and the advanced experimental equipment, I can realize the theoretical algorithm into robots or UAVs quickly, which builds a solid foundation for our research work. The rich technology accumulation in our group inspires me to learn the most cutting-edge research work. I will continue to pursue my PhD degree and research in my remaining years with great passion and enthusiasm.”

Wenjie WANG

Southeast University

Admitted in 2016-17

“It is a precious opportunity for me getting admitted by the PhD-EAS to HKUST. It not only gives me significant advantages in searching suitable supervisor, but also helps me prepare for my PhD study in advance. I have been making great progress in the research field thanks to the encouragement of and inspiration from my current supervisor. If you ever dream about life as a young researcher, I think HKUST is the right place for you.”


Xi'an Jiaotong University

Admitted in 2015-16

“I really appreciate the opportunity to be admitted by the PhD-EAS. HKUST is a wonderful university with a group of top-class faculty members and an excellent research environment. In the first two years, I was encouraged and well supported by the department and professors to explore different research interests. Thanks to that, now I am working in the research direction I am passionate about. The nice experience of working and communicating with the talented students from around the world is precious. Pursuing a PhD is an important life experience to me, and I am really having a great time here.”

Xuanqi CHEN

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China

Admitted in 2015-16

“I graduated from UESTC. Fascinated with the magic major, I chose HKUST for my further research-based study on silicon photonic networks. This field combines multiple disciplines and has big potential in the post-Moore era. In the process of problem solving and studying here, one word that constantly recurs to me is "integration". In my field, I need to integrate knowledge from different backgrounds, such as electronics, photonics, networks, and architecture. The ECE department provides highly-relevant courses and bridges these with extraordinary professors. Serving as a teaching assistant, I am responsible for promoting the closer integration of students and instructors. This is also a good chance for me to improve my teaching and communication skills.”


Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Admitted in 2014-15

“Pursuing a PhD degree in ECE at HKUST is a wonderful experience. The top faculties and research facilities allow me to discover my research interests and fully explore my potential. The mixture of Eastern and Western culture in Hong Kong familiarizes me with the scientific advances around the world, while keeps me in close touch with the progress and opportunities on the Mainland [China]. Life in Hong Kong is both convenient and enjoyable. One moment, I could be appreciating the comfort of an international metropolis, while in the next moment I could be throwing myself into nature thanks to the many country parks in Hong Kong with beautiful mountains, beaches and forests.”

Yanfang MO

Zhejiang University

Admitted in 2014-15

“When I was still an undergraduate student at Zhejiang University, I was admitted to the PhD (ECE) program through the PhD-EAS. Hong Kong is an amazing place, while studying at HKUST is an unforgettable experience. This young but well-known university has a beautiful campus, well-equipped library, considerable overseas connections and, particularly, outstanding people.  In addition, we should not ignore the increasingly stronger ties between Hong Kong and Mainland China, and the great positive impact this has on us. The PhD-EAS can indeed provide a good opportunity that allows us to better prepare for the HKPFS application. The HKPFS recognizes potential PG students’ achievements and potential, and acts as a platform to meet excellent research peers, and have access to other brilliant opportunities.”