UG Staff-Student Liaison Committee

In order for the ECE Department to understand students' needs and improve our programs, curriculum and activities, we need comments and suggestions from our students. Therefore, every year, we invite ECE students to become Student Ambassadors and attend the official Staff-Student Liaison meetings once every semester, where they could voice out comments to faculty members of the UG Student Affairs Committee.


Role of the ECE Ambassadors

  • Collect suggestions and comments about the department from other students in their year of study.

  • Advise junior students for academic and non-academic matters, such as course selection/enrollment, study path, internship, career development, etc.

  • Assist department in outreaching activities.


ECE Ambassadors in 2022-23

Year 2

Miss Aminath Malak ALI (Email: amali)

Mr. Zhijie MA (Email: zmaal)

Mr. Djonathan Djingga NG (Email: ddng)

Mr. Joshua Elnathan SONATA (Email: jesonata)


Year 3

Mr. CHEN, Hongyu (Email: hchencu)

Mr. HUI, Wang Wai William (Email: wwwhui)

Mr. LAGARDE, Jonas Iii Miranda (Email: jimlagarde)

Mr. MA, Zhijie (Email: zmaal)

Mr. NG, Djonathan Djingga (Email: ddng)

Mr. PENG, Yiyan (Email: ypengbb)

Mr. SIN, CHIU TING (Email: ctsin)

Mr. SONATA, Joshua Elnathan (Email: jesonata)

Mr. TAM, Yung Ho (Email: yhtamaf)


Year 4

Mr. CHEW, Marco Long Yin (Email: mlychew)

Mr. HO, Tin Shing Peter (Email: tspho)

Mr. JEON, Juho (Email: jjeonaa)

Mr. LAI, Bo-Rong Philip (Email: blaiab)

Miss. MA, Francesca Wanqin (Email: wmaag)

Miss. RELAN, Tara (Email: trelan)

Mr. SIO, Hiu Yat Kuver (Email: hyksio)

Miss YANG, Yu-en, Betty (Email: yyangee)

Mr. YUEN, Wui Kwong (Email: wkyuenaf)