Students' Final Year Projects/Theses

Each student is required to complete a final-year project. Each must synthesize the theory and experimental work they learned during the first two years in order to complete the project. The faculty supervisor will suggest supplementary reading and one-on-one, or small-group, tutoring as the need arises. With the help of the faculty supervisor, the student must plan, and acquire the necessary equipment, material and parts to complete his/her project. Under the supervision of the faculty supervisor, the student must design, execute, document, and then present the work. To be eligible for taking FYP, the student must have completed at least three out of four 2000 level courses and one 3000 level course, and demonstrate capability and basic background knowledge for the project.


FYP/T 2021  |  FYP/T 2020  |  FYP/T 2019

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Industrial Final Year Projects (Co-op FYP)

Each year our students undertake their Final Year Project (FYP), with close supervision by our faculty members who are recognized worldwide in both academia and the industry for their expertise and accomplishments in their particular research area.

To foster a closer tie with the industry, our Department solicits collaboration opportunities in Company-sponsored FYPs, in which a company mentor and a faculty member will be specially assigned to supervise the student project and help monitor its progress. It provides training for our students in real projects, while it is also an excellent opportunity for companies to make use of this temporary help to explore new designs and ideas and identify potential employees to meet its recruitment needs.

By working together with our Department, companies may keep abreast of the latest research and technological development. On the other hand, students may benefit from state-of-the-art research facilities and mentorship of experts from the industry.

Students are assigned a final year project in May and start working on it from September, and continue throughout their fourth year of studies (from September till April of the following year).


While the above information serves as a general reference for Company-sponsored FYP, we welcome arrangement and collaboration of other kinds.

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