Research Areas

Biomedical Engineering (BME)

This area targets engineering solutions for problems in medicine and the life sciences. This research stream covers engineering principles and materials technologies applied to Medical Imaging, Biomedical Optics and Biophotonics, Neuroengineering, Medical Electronics, Bioinformatics/Computational Biology, Biosignal Processing, Biomedical Microdevices and BioMEMS.

Jianan QU 瞿 佳 男  |  Bertram Emil SHI 施 毅 明  | Weichuan YU 余 維 川  |  George Jie YUAN 袁 杰  |  Levent YOBAS  |  Xiaomeng LI 李 小 萌  |  Yiwen WANG 王 怡 雯


Control and Robotic Systems (CRS)

This area covers control and robotic systems theory, optimization theory, detection and estimation, networked sensing and control, and their applications in next-generation industry robots, multi-agent systems, manufacturing automation, aeronautical and aerospace systems, autonomous vehicles, energy systems, intelligent transportation, medical and healthcare systems.

Michael Yu WANG 王 煜  |  Zexiang LI 李 澤 湘  |  Li QIU 丘 立  |  Ling SHI 施 凌  |  Chik Patrick YUE 俞 捷  |  Jungwon SEO 徐 廷 沅  |  Shaojie SHEN 沈 劭 劼


Data Science and AI (DSAI)

This area is devoted to the development of theory and algorithms in a variety of domains such as Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Speech and Language Processing, Financial Analytics, Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Neural Engineering, Deep Learning, and Signal Processing.

Kwang-Ting Tim CHENG 鄭 光 廷  |  Ross MURCH 穆 樂 思  |  Pascale Ngan FUNG 馮 雁  |  Wai Ho MOW 繆 偉 豪  |  Daniel PEREZ PALOMAR 鋒 西 龍  |  Li QIU 丘 立  |  Bertram Emil SHI 施 毅 明  |  Ling SHI 施 凌  |  Weichuan YU 余 維 川  |  Jun ZHANG 張 軍  |  Wei ZHANG 張 薇  |  Xuanyu CAO 曹 軒 宇  |  Qifeng CHEN 陳 启 峰  |  Xiaomeng LI 李 小 萌  |  Yiwen WANG 王 怡 雯


Integrated Circuits and Systems (ICS)

This area includes all aspects of today’s integrated circuits and systems and system-on-chip as well as embedded systems solutions. This research stream covers Systems-on-Chip, Digital VLSI Design, Analog, Mixed-Signal, and RF Circuits Design, Microwave and Communication Circuits, Bio-circuits, Imaging Sensor, Embedded Systems, FPGA, Reconfigurable Systems, Computer Engineering.

Mansun CHAN 陳 文 新  |  Kwang-Ting Tim CHENG 鄭 光 廷  |  Wing Hung KI 暨 永 雄  |  Howard Cam LUONG 梁 錦 和  |  Philip Kwok Tai MOK 莫 國 泰  |  George Jie YUAN 袁 杰  |  Chik Patrick YUE 俞 捷  |  Volkan KURSUN  | Wei ZHANG 張 薇


Microelectronics (mE) 

This area is devoted to the development of principles, material and device technologies applied to manipulating charges in micro-/nano-structures including Micro-/Nano-electronics, Semiconductor/Novel Materials and Devices, Nanofabrication Technology, Microelectromechanical Systems, Microsystem Integration, and Flexible Electronics.

Mansun CHAN 陳 文 新  |  Kevin Jing CHEN 陳 敬  |  Zhiyong FAN 范 智 勇  |  Johnny Kin On SIN 單 建 安  |  Man WONG 王 文  |  Levent YOBAS  |  Qiming SHAO 邵 啟 明  |  Yansong YANG 楊 岩 松


Photonics (Ph) 

This area is devoted to the development of principles, material and device technologies applied to generating, manipulating and detecting light (photons) for applications including Displays, Optoelectronics, Lasers, Nonlinear Photonics, Nanophotonics, Biophotonics, Silicon Photonics, and Electronic-Photonic Integration. 

Zhiyong FAN 范 智 勇  |  Andrew Wing On POON 潘 永 安  |  Jianan QU 瞿 佳 男  |  Chik Patrick YUE 俞 捷  |  Abhishek Kumar SRIVASTAVA


Quantum Engineering (QE)

This area is devoted to the development of principles, theories and algorithms, material and device technologies applied to manipulating quantum systems and quantum information for emerging applications including Quantum Materials, Quantum Devices, Quantum Control, Quantum Sensing and Metrology, Quantum Photonics, and Quantum Simulators. 

Mansun CHAN 陳 文 新  |  Kevin Jing CHEN 陳 敬  |  Zhiyong FAN 范 智 勇  |  Andrew Wing On POON 潘 永 安  |  Qiming SHAO 邵 啟 明  |  Abhishek Kumar SRIVASTAVA


Wireless Communications and Networking (WCN)

In recent years, wireless communications and networking has become extremely important throughout the world and in particular for Hong Kong and China. This area includes emerging Wireless Communications, IoT Systems, 6G, Machine Learning, Ambient RF Systems, Edge Computing and Communications, Computer Networking, Visible Light Communications, Coding and Information theory.

Khaled BEN LETAIEF 李 德 富  |  Vincent Kin Nang LAU 劉 堅 能  | Ross MURCH 穆 樂 思  | Wai Ho MOW 繆 偉 豪  |  Jun ZHANG 張 軍  |  Xuanyu CAO 曹 軒 宇


The wide range of disciplines covered in these eight pillars enables ECE Department to be a real multidisciplinary innovator and a solution provider from devices all the way to circuits, systems and applications.