Administrative and Technical Staff

Teaching Support

Name Title Extension Email Room
Dr. Mang Yee CHANG Teaching Associate 8597 eechang 2395
Mr. Ricky Yiu Kee CHOI Teaching Associate 8844 eericky 2395
Mr. Raymundo Saijong TANG TANG Teaching Associate 8527 eeraytan 2395
Mr. Fox Chi Hang WU Teaching Associate 7037 eefox 2395
Mr. Claudio Siu Ming FU Part-time Teaching Associate 8538 eeclaudio 2395
Ms. Cupid CHOW Instructional Assistant 8564 eecupid 2395
Dr. Vivian Ka Mun HO Instructional Assistant 2281 eehoviv 2395
Dr. Yimeng TANG Instructional Assistant 2746 eetangy 2395
Ms. Shaneli BHARWANEY Communication Tutor 8536 eeshaneli 2395
Mr. David SCHNEIDER Communication Tutor 8536 eeschneiderd 2395



Name Title Extension Email Room
Dr. Fion S Y YEUNG Senior Manager (State Key Laboratory) 2250 eefion CYT4009
Ms. Catherine P Y CHAN Manager (Engineering)^ 8643 eecatchan 2525
Ms. Priscilla Y P CHAN Manager (Administration) 7033 eepchanyp 2457
Ms. Catherine H L SOONG Assistant Manager (Outreach and Development) 7034 eecatsoong 2457
Miss Agnes L Y WONG Assistant Manager (Academic Programs) 7038 eeagnes 2457
Miss Vicky Y H YUEN Assistant Manager (Administration)* 8521 eevicky 2457
Miss Avy W K MAN Secretary 7032 eeavy 2457
Miss Venus FUNG Officer (Administration) 8525 venusfung 2457
Miss Angela Y K HO Officer (Administration) 7040 eeangelah 2457
Ms. Alisa Y W WONG Officer (Administration) 7036 eealisa 2457
Miss Suki S Y YUEN Officer (Administration) 7052 eesukiyuen 2457
Miss Denise K Y TONG Officer# 2276 eedenise CYT4009
Ms. Foner S F CHAN Assistant Officer (Administration) 7087 eefoner 2457
Miss Lianne H L CHEUNG Assistant Officer (Administration)# 2275 eeliannechl CYT4009
Ms. Joey M Y ON Assistant Officer (Administration) 7048 eejoeyon 2457
Ms. Venus C Y PANG Assistant Officer (Administration)+ 3469 2728 eevenus 2427
Ms. Iris Y F TING Assistant Officer (Administration)* 8512 eeiris 2457
Ms. Rita S F WONG Assistant Officer (Administration) 8511 eerita 2457
Ms. Florence K Y FUNG Assistant Officer 2751 eeflorence 2456
Ms. Doris Y F CHEUK Office Support Assistant 7035 eedorischeuk 2457

^ Administrative Staff for Area of Excellence
+ Administrative Staff for Strategic Topics Grant
* Computer Engineering Program (CPEG)
# State Key Laboratory of Advanced Displays and Optoelectronics Technologies (ADT)

Information Technology

Name Title Extension Email Room
Mr. Nelvin C Y LAW IT Manager 7069 2518
Mr. John C O LAW Assistant IT Manager 6003 eejohn 2518
Mr. Kenny K H PANG Technical Officer 8520 eekhpang 2518
Mr. Jacob K Y LAI Assistant Officer (IT Support) 8531 eejacob 2518



Name Title Extension Email Room
Mr. Kin Ming FUNG Manager (Laboratories) 8515 eekmfung 3130
Mr. Tsz Fai KWOK IC Design Manager 3469 2588 eepaulux CYT3013
Mr. Jacob Y L HO Senior Technical Officer 3469 2261 eejho 3130
Mr. Sam C W LAI Senior Technical Officer 3469 2280 eecwlai 3130
Mr. Bruce S L LEE Senior Technical Officer 7084 eelee 3130
VACANT Senior Technical Officer 7074   3112
Ms. Sophie Ruiqing ZHU Senior Technical Officer+ 8371 eerqzhu 1043
Mr. Balwin CHAN Technical Officer 8569 eeball 3654
Mr. Kwok Wai CHAN Technical Officer 7082 eekwchan 3110
Mr. Joseph S C CHENG Technical Officer 7086 cscheng 3130
Mr. Leo Y H FOK Technical Officer 3469 2863 eefok 3130
Mr. Collin T H LAM Technical Officer 3469 2596 eecollin CYT3014
Mr. Nelson K C LI Technical Officer 3469 2862 eenelson 2223
Mr. Peter K W NAM Technical Officer 3469 2861 eekwnam 3127
Mr. Allen F L NG Technical Officer 8535 eeallen 3113B
Mr. Darwin T W WONG Technical Officer 7083 eetwwong 3130
Mr. Hi Yin MAN Assistant Officer (Inventory Control) 8518 eehym 3127

+ Photonics Technology Center