PhD Student Cristine Jin Delos Santos ESTRADA Received the Best ESSDERC Paper Award in the ESSCIRC-ESSDERC 2021

PhD student Cristine Jin Delos Santos ESTRADA received the Best ESSDERC Paper Award in the ESSCIRC-ESSDERC 2021 for the paper “Complementary Two-Dimensional (2-D) MoS_2 FET Technology”.  The work was jointly performed by Post-Doctoral Fellow Dr.  Zichao MA and supervised by Prof. Mansun CHAN. 
With the continuous reduction of transistor dimension to the sub-10nm range requires extremely thin body to achieve proper turn-off.  Two-dimensional (2D) semiconductor materials have been considered to be the ultimate solution for such purpose.  Compared with traditional transistor technology, achieving complementary logic with low power consumption and fast switching is a challenge.  It is mainly due to the difficulty to form transistors with different polarities using the same active channel material.
With a special treatment to the material system and transistor geometry, PhD student Cristine Jin Delos Santos ESTRADA and Post-Doctoral Fellow Dr. Zichao MA, supervised by Prof. Mansun CHAN, have successfully demonstrated for the first time the possibility to fabricate both n-channel and p-channel transistors using molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) thin films in the same process.  Logic circuits and inverters fabricated in the Nanosystem Fabrication Facility (NFF) at HKUST shows low power, high gain and sharp switching characteristics. The work has laid the path to form complementary logic circuits in much larger scale, leading to potential high-end applications such as micro-controllers and AI enabled edge circuits.

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