Final Year Project of Year 4 Student Hin Wang LIN, supervised by Prof. Ling SHI, awarded Merit Prize at The 8th Hong Kong University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Mathematics and Physics / Mechanics and Control Systems.

Project Name: UAV Delivery System for Water Quality Surveillance

Description: This project proposed a novel water sampling method by utilizing the advantages of drones. The drones collect the water sample and carry extra modules to perform diversification of functions, e.g., carry a first-aid kit or water quality testing device. It has the niche and great potential to be used in marine parks, water sports centres, and other places that commonly use traditional sampling methods. It can replace sampling works with a drone instead of a speedboat, which simplifies the process, reduces the operational costs, and provides more flexibility in sampling locations and time, achieving significant advantages.

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(Left: Staff from the Entrepreneurship Center (EC) of HKUST, Right: LIN Hin Wang)