Agilent ADS and ICCAP

Advanced Design System (ADS) is a powerful electronic design automation software system. It offers complete design integration to designers of products such as cellular and portable phones, pagers, wireless networks, and radar and satellite communications systems. ADS is the industry leader in high-frequency design. It supports system and RF design engineers developing all types of RF designs, from simple to the most complex, from RF/microwave modules to integrated MMICs for communications and aerospace/defense applications. With a complete set of simulation technologies ranging from frequency- and time-domain circuit simulation to electromagnetic field simulation, ADS lets designers fully characterize and optimize designs. The single, integrated design environment provides system and circuit simulators, along with schematic capture, layout, and verification capability - eliminating the stops and starts associated with changing design tools in mid-cycle.

IC-CAP modeling software provides powerful characterization and analysis capabilities for today's semiconductor industry. Industry-standard modeling routines help you get started immediately to extract and optimize model parameters for your model libraries. Proprietary Agilent EEsof EDA models help you solve modeling challenges that are not accurately or easily solved with conventional models. IC-CAP also provides tools for developing custom models, specialized extraction routines, a customizable user interface, and statistical analysis for a wide variety of device and circuit parameters.

Both ELEC4630 Radio Frequency Engineering (Undergraduate Elective) and ELEC5180 RF/Microwave Circuit Design and Measurement (Graduate Level) heavily relies on ADS and IC-CAP for Laboratory work. The Department has a donation of 17 licenses of ADS and 2 licences of IC-CAP from Agilent on both UNIX and PC platform.

Application Notes