A Research Team Led by Prof. Zhiyong FAN Reported the World Fastest RRAM with a Long Retention Time

A research team of Prof. Zhiyong FAN published their recent work on Ultra-fast Resistive Random Access Memory (RRAM) in Science Advances
Yuting Zhang, Swapnadeep Poddar, He Huang, Leilei Gu, Qianpeng Zhang, Yu Zhou, Shuai Yan, Sifan Zhang, Zhitang Song, Baoling Huang, Guozhen Shen, Zhiyong Fan. "Three-dimensional perovskite nanowire array–based ultrafast resistive RAM with ultralong data retention". Science Advances. Vol 7, Issue 36. Sept 3, 2021. https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/sciadv.abg3788
Another related paper was published in Nano Letters.
Swapnadeep Poddar, Yuting Zhang, Leilei Gu, Daquan Zhang, Qianpeng Zhang, Shuai Yan, Matthew Kam, Sifan Zhang, Zhitang Song, Weida Hu, Lei Liao, and Zhiyong Fan. "Down-Scalable and Ultra-fast Memristors with Ultra-high Density Three-Dimensional Arrays of Perovskite Quantum Wires". Nano Letters. 2021, 21, 12, 5036–5044. June 14, 2021. https://doi.org/10.1021/acs.nanolett.1c00834
With these two papers the team reported research on novel resistive memory devices based on perovskite quantum wires. The devices demonstrate the world fastest switching speed of 100 pico seconds among all kinds of RRAMs, with a long retention time (up to 20 years by extrapolation of life time test data). In other words, it can save an one Giga byte size movie video file in the memory with one second, if the peripheral circuit can also support this speed.  The technology developed in these works may find broad applications in large volume data storage, high speed computing and neuromorphic computing in the future. The first authors of the two papers are PhD students Miss. Yuting ZHANG and Mr. Swapnadeep PODDAR supervised by Prof. FAN.


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Prof. Zhiyong FAN and his research team: (from left) Swapnadeep PODDAR, Qianpeng ZHANG, Prof. Zhiyong FAN, Yu ZHOU, Yuting ZHANG.


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