A Research Team Led by Prof. Abhishek K SRIVASTAVA Developed High Efficacy of LEDs Covering a Large Color Gamut

A research team led by Prof. Abhishek K SRIVASTAVA developed Quantum rods LED for the LCD backlight that shows the efficacy of 149 lm/W and a color gamut of 118 % NTSC. It is the best LED in this segment and potentially can potentially hit 200 lm/W mark.  The team showed how to achieve high efficacy and a large color gamut for the LCD at the same time. The key here is how to maintain the high quantum yield of Quantum rods in the thin film. The first attempt of the same was published in Small early this year.

Chengbin Kang, Maksym F. Prodanov, Yiyang Gao, Kumar Mallem, Zhengnan Yuan, Valerii V. Vashchenko, Abhishek K. Srivastava. "Quantum-Rod On-Chip LEDs for Display Backlights with Efficacy of 149 lm W−1: A Step toward 200 lm W−1". Advanced Materials. 10 Oct 2021. https://doi.org/10.1002/adma.202104685

Maksym F. Prodanov,Swadesh K. Gupta,Chengbin Kang,Maksym Y. Diakov,Valerii V. Vashchenko,Abhishek K. Srivastava. "Thermally Stable Quantum Rods, Covering Full Visible Range for Display and Lighting Application". Small. 20 Dec 2020. https://doi.org/10.1002/smll.202004487

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Prof. Abhishek K SRIVASTAVA and his research team


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