Prof. Zhiyong FAN Awarded Xplorer Prize 2022

Prof. Zhiyong FAN Awarded Xplorer Prize 2022


Prof. Zhiyong FAN was named an awardee of the Xplorer Prize 2022 (科學探索獎) in the field of advanced interdisciplinary studies. Supported by Tencent Foundation, the award encourages young scientists (aged 45 or below) in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau to research unexplored areas of basic sciences and frontier technologies. Prof. Fan is one of only two recipients from Hong Kong, among 50 awardees in 10 fields this year. Each awardee will receive RMB 3 million over a period of five years, which is among the highest in talent funding programs for young scientists in China.


Prof. FAN joined HKUST in 2010 after his PhD studies in University of California, Irvine and postdoctoral research in University of California, Berkeley. Over the past years, he has quickly established himself as a renowned scientist with international reputation in the areas of nanomaterials, nanoelectronics, and optoelectronics. His research focuses on rational design and fabrication of nanostructures, basic understanding of their physical and chemical properties and the utilization of these materials for electronic/optoelectronic device applications.


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