Prof. Yuan XIE and Prof. Fengbin TU awarded the Top-10 Research Advances in China Semiconductors 2023

Prof. Fengbin TU and Prof. Yuan XIE recently awarded the 2023 Top-10 Research Advances in China Semiconductors for their their Reconfigurable Digital Computing-In-Memory AI chip (ReDCIM).


The selection is competitive, with a committee of 243 experts in semiconductors and integrated circuits. The research team designed the ReDCIM, the world's first CIM-based AI chip with high-precision floating-point and integer support, paving the way to large-scale generative AI computing. The team is closely collaborating with the InnoHK ACCESS for high-performance/efficiency AI chip commercialization.


The ReDCIM chip was published in the Top-1 journal in integrated circuits, the IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits (JSSC, Volume: 58, Issue: 1, January 2023), with the title "ReDCIM: Reconfigurable Digital Computing-In-Memory Processor With Unified FP/INT Pipeline for Cloud AI Acceleration." The paper was first authored by Fengbin, with Yuan the second last author.


Warmest Congratulations to Fengbin and Yuan!


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