Prof. Matthew McKAY has been Selected as a Young Scientist to speak in "Learn from the Pandemic: Public Health and Economy Session" in the 3rd World Laureates Forum

Prof. Matthew McKAY has been selected to attend the World Laureates Forum (WLF) as a Young Scientist in October 2020 in Shanghai, China.

The World Laureates Association (WLA) has to date held two highly successful annual forums in Shanghai, China. The Inaugural Forum on 29 October-1 November 2018 attracted a total of 35 laureates, of whom 26 were Nobel laureates, and 100 outstanding young scientists. The 2nd WLF in 2019 attracted a total of 65 laureates from 16 countries, of whom 44 were Nobel laureates, and nearly 200 outstanding young scientists all over the world.

Addressing on "strengthening capacity in original creativity for global scientific innovation", the WLF has three special sessions: ""Mobius", "Future Global Big Science", and "WLA Young Scientists Forum", to dialogue on future science, promote and facilitate national strategic cooperation of science, and focus on youth inheritance". Topics that "could change the destiny of mankind such as, universe, space, aerospace, photon, climate, energy, life, health, cells, genes, cancer, nerves, information, etc." had been deeply discussed.

As one of the special session, the World Laureates Young Scientists Forum serves as an exchange and communication platform to support and encourage young scientists worldwide to establish a global vision, and immerse themselves in scientific exploration.  On 1 Nov 2020, Prof. McKAY spoke in "Learn from the Pandemic: Public Health and Economy Session".

Prof. McKAY is currently Professor of the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering. His research interests include signal processing, high-dimensional statistics and random matrix theory, wireless communications, computational biology and financial engineering.

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