Prof. Mansun CHAN Awarded Michael G. Gale Medal for Distinguished Teaching in 2023

Prof. Mansun CHAN, Alex Wong Siu Wah Gigi Wong Fook Chi Professor of Engineering and Chair Professor of Electronic and Computer Engineering, received the prestigious Michael G. Gale Medal for Distinguished Teaching in 2023. The honor was established by the University Council of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) in 1994 and is awarded to the faculty member who best exemplifies the continued pursuit of excellence, devotion to teaching, and the ability to inspire and motivate others. It is presented annually to one outstanding faculty member from across all academic units at HKUST.

Prof. Chan joined HKUST in 1996 after receiving his PhD degree from the University of California at Berkeley. His research interests lie in 2-D devices and circuits, nano-CMOS technology, quantum computing, and AI technologies and systems.

Prof. Chan has made significant contributions to engineering education over the years. Renowned for his expertise in student-centered learning, he draws inspiration from Socrate’s timeless quote, “I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think”. He skillfully guides students on a transformative journey of exploration and discovery, embracing the role of a coach. His passion for innovation is evident in his creative approaches to course design to keep learners engaged.

A pioneer in pedagogical innovations, Prof. Chan started with experiential learning back in 2008 and further converted some of his classes to a blended learning mode in 2018. Before and during the outbreak of COVID-19, he proactively worked with his peers to produce online labs and examinations, helping minimize disturbances to teaching and learning when physical classes were impossible. Most recently, he produced one of the first complete animation-based online classes on the fundamentals of semiconductor devices, which attracted more than 10,000 students worldwide in just one year.

Prof. Chan’s commitment to teaching excellence has been recognized with various teaching awards. At HKUST, he is a four-time winner of the School of Engineering Teaching Excellence Appreciation Award. Externally, he was named an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer in 2003 for his effective delivery of complex concepts, and later became the youngest-ever recipient of the IEEE Electron Devices Society Education Award in 2017 for pioneering innovative approaches to electronic engineering education. In 2022, he was acclaimed with the Academic Achievement Award from the Taiwan Association for Academic Innovation for his outstanding educational activities during his sabbatical leave.

Recognizing the importance of staying current with educational trends, he actively engages in research and professional development endeavors. His findings in educational research have been presented in international journals and conferences such as the IEEE International Conference on Teaching, Assessment, and Learning for Engineering. Teachers and secondary school students in the city have benefited from his STEM teaching materials and methodologies which he developed.

Many congratulations to Prof. Mansun CHAN!

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