Prof. Li Zexiang is appointed as Honorary Adjunct Professor at Abdullah University of Science and Technology, KAUST

It’s our great honor and pleasure to announce that Prof. Li Zexiang is appointed as Honorary Adjunct Professor at Abdullah University of Science and Technology, KAUST.

For more than two decades, Professor Li Zexiang's mission has been to bridge the gap between academia and industry to drive forward social and economic development. In today’s rapidly technologizing society, his pioneering robotics and manufacturing solutions are helping to foster an age of smart automation.

Professor Li's drive to push the boundaries of automated manufacturing is matched only by his passion for incubating creative talents and next-generation startups. Through mentorship, seed funding and supply chain support, his entrepreneurial projects have already supported around 50 companies from the region and worldwide, powering the hi-tech start-up ecosystem emerging in southern China's Greater Bay Area. Even more spectacularly, Da-Jiang Innovations (commonly known as DJI), co-founded by Professor Li and entrepreneur Frank Wang, has rapidly become the world's largest manufacturer of consumer drones and aerial imaging technology, with a market share of over 70%.

Professor Li's inimitable synergy of research and entrepreneurship has received international recognition. He was named an IEEE Fellow in 2008, the highest honor in his field, and is a co-recipient of the prestigious 2019 IEEE Robotics and Automation Award for his unique contributions to robotics, innovation and entrepreneurship.



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