Prof. Abhishek SRIVASTAVA's paper won the Bronze Award in IMID 2018

Prof. Abhishek SRIVASTAVA's paper on quantum rod ink-jet printing for the LCD backlighting won the Bronze Award in the International Meeting on Information Display 2018 (IMID).


The award winning paper is entitled “Photo-Aligned Nano Rod Emissive Films by Printing for LCD Backlighting”. The paper disclosed the inkjet printing technology for the quantum rods enhancement films. The inkjet printing helps to align the quantum rods, on to the photoaligned surface, over a large area that can be used to enhance the optical efficiency of conventional LCDs. The developed LCD prototype with these Quantum rod enhancement films shows the optical efficiency of ~8%, which is limited to <5% for the conventional LCDs.


The article received the KIDS Bronze Award in IMID@2018, Busan, Korea. The KIDS awards, sponsored by LG Display and Samsung Display, are given in categories of gold, silver, and bronze for the remarkable work done by Universities and Industries that has potential prospect to emerge as a future technology in the area of information display. This year the IMID@2018 award committee has selected Prof SRIVASTAVA's paper for the Bronze Award sponsored by LG displays. 


About the Conference:

International Meeting on Information Display (IMID) is among the top 5 conferences in the area of information displays. IMID-2018 continues a series of the annual conference began in 2001, organized by the Korean Information Display Society (KIDS), the Society for Information Display (SID), and the Korea Display Industry Association (KDIA). The IMID has become a premier conference for academic, industry, and business leaders to meet, publish results, and share knowledge in the information display. The conference includes keynote presentations, technical oral presentations, tutorials, workshops, poster presentations, special exhibition.

Prof. Abhishek SRIVASTAVA's paper won the Bronze Award in IMID 2018

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