PhD Alumnus Collaborated with The Chinese Manufacturers Association (CMA) of Hong Kong to Help Local Industry to Transform and Upgrade with Research and Technology from Institutions

PhD alumnus Dr. Kwong-Hoi TSUI collaborated with The Chinese Manufacturers Association (CMA) of Hong Kong to create a platform that helps local industry to transform and upgrade with research and technology from HKUST and other institutions.  Prof. Zhiyong FAN, which research output was commercialized and adopted by CMA members, said there should be more platforms like this to help connect researchers and the market and to enhance the success rate of knowledge transfer.


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From Left: Dr. Kwong-Hoi TSUI (Alumnus, HKUST), Dr. Kam Wing LO (Vice-President, CMA), Prof. Zhiyong, (Professor, HKUST) (Thumbnail and Photo source: Mingpao)


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