A Paper by Alumnus Dr. Yuanming SHI and Prof. Jun ZHANG and Prof. Khaled BEN LETAIEF Awarded the 2016 IEEE Signal Processing Society Young Author Best Paper Award

A paper by alumnus, Dr. Yuanming SHI (now at Shanghai Tech University), co-authored with Prof. Jun ZHANG and Prof. Khaled BEN LETAIEF, both from Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering (ECE) was selected for the 2016 IEEE Signal Processing Society Young Author Best Paper Award.  The award will be presented at the Awards Ceremony at ICASSP 2017 in New Orleans, LA by the IEEE SPS President, Rabab Ward.


The Award-winning Paper

Title: Yuanming Shi, Jun Zhang, Brendan O'Donoghue and Khaled B. Letaief 

"Large-Scale Convex Optimization for Dense Wireless Cooperative Networks"


Citation: IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, Volume 63, No. 18, September 2015


Paper Summary

Due to the growing popularity of mobile applications and proliferation of smart mobile devices, mobile data traffic is increasing exponentially, which brings ever-increasing demand for higher network capacity. An effective way to increase the capacity of wireless networks is to densify the network, i.e., to deploy more access points, which has been regarded as a key approach to meet the capacity requirement in 5G networks. However, as the network density increases, performance optimization problems are entering a new era, characterized by a high dimension and/or a large number of constraints. This poses significant design and computational challenges. In this paper, we first provide a unified formulation for various performance optimization problems in wireless networks, which is then solved by a novel algorithmic framework. Simulations demonstrate the high computation efficiency of the proposed framework, which will be valuable for effective signal processing and resource allocation in dense wireless networks.

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