Smartsens Technology, an IC Design Company founded by Dr. Chen XU (PhD in ECE '04), received three major awards in the "2020 China IC Leaders Summit and China IC Design Achievement Award Award Ceremony" (2020中国IC领袖峰会暨中国IC设计成就奖颁奖典礼) on June 28, 2020.

The awards are:

  1. Worldwide Silicon 100 (among 8 companies in Mainland China)
  2. China IC Achievement Award in the MEMS category
  3. China IC Achievement Award for IC Design Company with Outstanding Technology Support

SmartSens Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-performance CMOS image sensing (CIS) chip design company established in 2011. It is headquartered in Shanghai and has both research centers and sales offices in various cities around the world, including Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Hsinchu and San Jose, California.


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