HKUST’s License Agreement With Realfiction For Next-Generation Echo Holographic 3D Displays

Many Congratulations to Prof. KWOK Hoi-Sing and Prof. Abhishek SRIVASTAVA! 

We are glad to share the good news that The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) has established a license agreement with Realfiction Holding AB (“Realfiction”), which is a leading innovator and provider of Mixed Reality solutions and services, for using HKUST’s patented and super-fast ferroelectric liquid crystal display (“FLCD”) technology in future production of 3D displays larger than 9-inches.

The FLCD technology is based on DeepTech research from 2010 onward led by Emeritus Professor and State Key Lab Executive Director Prof. KWOK Hoi-Sing and Prof. Abhishek SRIVASTAVA , Associate Director of HKUST’s long-established Center for Display Research. Due to the recent licensing case for active matrix FLCD breakthrough, multinational firms, including Realfiction, are keen to leverage HKUST’s inventions to amplify their industry edge and expand user impact.

The technology offers energy efficiency, enhanced image resolution, better color saturation, and lower manufacturing costs, making it an attractive proposition for multinational firms. And we, HKUST Office of Knowledge Transfer, stepped in to work with both parties to formulate and structure the technology commercialization pathway via licensing, with initial contract research leading to the building of a proof-of-concept display combining Realfiction's patent-pending driving system and HKUST's super-fast FLCD. Satisfied with the results, the licensing deal was finally closed in April 2023. A month later, at Display Week 2023 in the US, the Realfiction demo built with HKUST drew a highly positive response from visitors.  

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