Dr. Zheng-Nan YUAN received Facebook Reality Lab Award from the International Liquid Crystal Society

Dr. Zheng-Nan YUAN, who just got her Ph.D. degree in Dec 2022, received the Facebook Reality Lab Platinum Award (FRL-ILCS 2022) from the International Liquid Crystal Society for the work on fast Light Ranging and Detection (LiDAR)(Figure 1)[1] and fast switchable lenses(Figure 2)[2]. The Award is endowed with a cash prize (3500 USD scholarship) and an invited overview/review article to be published in the Society Journal “Liquid Crystals Today.” The supervisor is Prof. Abhishek Kumar SRIVASTAVA.

Facebook Reality Labs (FRL) brings together a world-class team of researchers, developers, and engineers to create the future of virtual and augmented reality, which together will become as universal and essential as smartphones and personal computers are today. And just as personal computers have done over the past 45 years, AR and VR will ultimately change everything about how we work, play, and connect. The aim of the FRL Liquid Crystal Research Awards is to encourage young generations in the LC field and in other cross-disciplinary fields to help unlock the possibilities of LC technology in the AR/VR field.

Figure 1. Partial results in fast LiDAR systems [1]
Figure 2. Partial results in fast 8-focal lenses system [2]

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