Dr. Neel Kanth Kundu received the award of prestigious INSPIRE (Young Faculty Fellowship) from India

Our Ph.D. alumnus (graduated in August 2022), Dr. Neel Kanth Kundu, supervised by Prof. Matthew McKay, has been awarded the prestigious INSPIRE (Young Faculty Fellowship) by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

This year a total of 115 fellowships have been awarded with 22 in Engineering Sciences. This is a very prestigious fellowship in India with less than 10% selection rate.
This fellowship allows him to choose any host institution of his choice (he has chosen IIT Delhi) and provides 5 years of Assistant Professor position at that institute with a research grant of 3.5M INR and salary. During this 5 years period, fellows generally get a tenured track position in the institute based on their performance.
Neel Kanth is also a Hong Kong PhD fellowship scheme (HKPFS) alumnus to receive such a big award, virtually straight after finishing his PhD.


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