A Startup Business Established by ECE UG Student Awarded HKUST Entrepreneurship Acceleration Fund

A startup business, Breer, founded by ECE UG student Anushka PUROHIT awarded HKUST Entrepreneurship Acceleration Fund.  The team comes from different undergraduate majors of HKUST: Suyash MOHAN (SBM, Year 2), Deevansh GUPTA (Marketing and Management, Year 2) and Naman TEKRIWAL (undeclared major, Year 3).  The team competed for Enactus HKUST where they won both HKUST and Hong Kong rounds.  They used the fund to start out the business and received HKUST Entrepreneurship Acceleration Fund in 2019-20 Spring.

In the last few years, the number of bread going to waste as a result of being unsold/uneaten has increased drastically.  Breer is a food upcycling initiative that works hard to reduce the existing gaps in the supply chain by collecting all otherwise wasted bread, while introducing a novel, local taste of beer in the market.  

The team liaises with Breer Runners (students from different units and schools in Hong Kong) who help the company collect donated bread from the partnering bakeries, deliver to the breweries, and their partner breweries help us brew the beer.  The business is currently located and incorporated in Hong Kong.


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Anushka PUROHIT, CEO of Breer




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