HKUST Robotics Team Received Three Awards in the ABU Robocon Festival 2020

HKUST Robotics Team has been awarded First Runner-Up, the Special Award by Nagase Brothers Inc. and Best Presentation Award in the ABU Robocon Festival 2020.

Panel judges had given comments to the awardees.

First Runner-Up of the ABU Robocon Festival 2020

“Congratulations for HKUST. Thank you for your hard work and great work. Your robot is the fastest in the competition and very impressive. We would like to see your future study about robotics and wish to see you in next year Robocon competition."

The Special Award by Nagase Brothers Inc. 

“The agility of your robot showing is excellent. The acceleration and deceleration are really quick and very exciting. But at the same time in contrast, the catching of the rugby ball is very soft and gentle. That contrast is excellent. More than that, the three-ball automatic kicker setting is great for the equation.”

Best Presentation Award

“The best presentation Award was selected by the voting from all the participant teams in ABU Robocon Festival 2020. The presentation was superb. It was a really futuristic presentation. The presentation was wonderful. The 3-ball kicker and the speed of the robot are impressive. The team videos are also very good. We really enjoy it.”


CPEG and ELCE students who participated in the Robotics Team include (in alphabetical order):


  • CHAN, Cheuk Wai (Year 2) 
  • LAW, Lam Fung (Year 4)
  • LI, Wai Sum (Year 4)
  • OW YONG, Chee Seng (Year 2)
  • SUNG, Ka Hong (Year 3)
  • VILLAREAL, Emanuel Jose (Year 2)
  • YIU, Cheuk Tung (Year 3)


  • FUNG, Piu Suen (Year 4)
  • SAKAI, Yoshiki (Year 2)
  • WONG, Kam Hung (Year 3)


About the ABU Robocon Festival 2020

ABU Robocon is organized by ABU annually.  Under the challenge in this year, the organizer move the international competition to the online platform -  ABU Robocon Festival 2020 on 12 December 2020.  A total of 21 teams from Asia-Pacific region joined the Festival 2020. The contest is to play rugby 7’s game using two robots and five obstacles as five defending players. The highlight of this game to how the two robots collaborate to score Try and the Goal Kick of the rugby balls.  

About HKUST Robotics Team

HKUST Robotics team actively participants in several robot design competitions.  A total of 29 multi-disciplinary students from different programs have worked together for the Robocon competition since Jan 2020.  With the passion and hard work, they shine in both Hong Kong Domestics competition and the ABU Festival 2020.  The sub-team has received a total of 6 top awards in both competitions. A video of the robot is published in the link: 

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