An ECE PhD student, Sunil Jaiswal, won the TECHNICOLOR "BEST RESEARCH & INNOVATION INTERNSHIP AWARD 2017” under PhD Category

1) About the Position, projects:

An ECE Ph.D. student, Sunil Jaiswal (, has won the TECHNICOLOR "BEST RESEARCH & INNOVATION INTERNSHIP AWARD 2017” under Ph.D. Category. He will receive an award in the form of a €1000 check and a certificate during a ceremony which will happen in December in Cesson Sévigné, France.

Sunil Jaiswal was a research internee for four months (June to September'2017) at Imaging Science Lab, Technicolor R & D France. The title of his internship was “Image Prediction using Adaptive Deep Learning Algorithms.” His team has applied for three patents with the results obtained during the internship. Publications are in progress.

About Technicolor research and Innovation:


The objective of this award is to honor the most performing interns at Technicolor for the significant contributions to our research activities, and in particular for their scientific approach addressing complex problems while proposing new ideas, their ability to develop needed environments to reach their goals, and for their curiosity and team spirit.

About Technicolor:

3) About the Competition

This year, 45 internships have been challenged to win the ‘Best R & I Internship Award 2017’!
Students from different universities of the world have taken internship positions at Technicolor in Rennes, France, and Palo Alto, USA. At the end of each year, Technicolor evaluates the project of interns and then make a decision.
Students who undertook internships are from the following universities:
HKUST, MIT, Carnegie Mellon Univ (CMU), Purdue University, University of Southern California, The University of Michigan, University of Indiana, The University of Illinois at Chicago, Colorado School  of Mines, IAWA State Univ, Rutgers University,
University of Tennessee Knoxville, UC Santa Cruz, Trinity College Dublin, EPFL and many more.


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