Dr. Chi Y.

Member, ECE Advisory Board

2004 UC Berkeley B.S.E.E
2009 UC Davis M.S.E.E
2011 UC Davis Ph.D.


Dr. Chi Y. Law joined Samsung Electro-Mechanics America as a research staff on 60GHz milli-meter wave chipset designer after graduated from UC Davis with his doctoral degree. In 2011, he joined Avago Technologies in San Jose as a power amplifier and module designer worked on 4G LTE PA module design, his designed product in Avago has been widely adapted by the cellphone manufacturer such as Samsung and Apple, he was one of the first designers to design a PA module that is compatible with envelope tracker on handset, he was also the main designer for the first generation of the most integrated front-end module with industry acronym as PAMiD (Power Amplifier Module including Duplexers) initiated by Apple back in 2013, the architecture has been widely utilized by followers like Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi. In his spare time at Avago, he also helped a startup company in Palo Alto called Centric Technologies to create the 60GHz radio chipset which was sold to QOES Technology in 2014 for 40 million USD. He later took on a role at Qualcomm San Diego as a design lead for PAMiD development that focuses on mainland China’s market in 2016. In June of 2020 he has founded a RF Front-end company in Nanjing, China called Faraconix Technologies and he is currently acting as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board for the company.