UG Student Affairs Committee

The UG Student Affairs Committee meets once every semester. It handles all issues related to UG student learning and mentoring. This includes:

  • Orientation of new students
  • Mentoring and advising of students
  • International and Mainland students
  • Academic performance
  • Internships
  • Exchange programs and scholarships
  • Final Year Projects/ Theses
  • Competitions
  • QAC issues - ensuring quality processes are in place, such as staff-student liaison
  • Workload monitoring of programs and courses on a semester-by-semester basis
  • Student life

Committee Members





Prof. Weichuan YU

UG Coordinator

2358 7054 eeyu
Prof. Albert WONG Year 2 & Exchange Program Coordinator 2358 7065 eealbert
Prof. Wing Hung KI Year 3 & International Student Coordinator 2358 8516 eeki
Prof. Levent YOBAS Year 4 & FYP/T Coordinator 2358 7068 eelyobas
Prof. Xiaomeng LI Mainland & International Recruitment and Mainland Student Coordinator 3469 2867 eexmli
Prof. Yiwen WANG Female Student Coordinator 2358 7053 eewangyw
Prof. Chik Patrick YUE Internship and Industry Coordinator 2358 7047 eepatrick
Prof. Kam Tim WOO Competitions and Co-curriculum Activities Coordinator, HD Direct Entry Coordinator 2358 8540 eetim
Prof. Wai Ho MOW Observer 2358 7070 eewhmow